Marketing With Instagram

In this modern society, social media has become a huge part of people’s lives and has created a world in which everyone can be connected. Due to this, the chance to be discovered and market yourself has become more possible. With the right tools and tactics, social media can become a window of opportunities. The article from ‘Future of Music’ takes the reader through different steps and advises them how to make themselves, as musicians, more marketable on social media. The article focuses on how to create and uphold an Instagram account. It walks readers through how to edit and post photos, as well as explaining Instagram’s platform. This guides musicians on the best way to grab fan’s attention and keep them engaged.

Marketing yourself as an artist is a critical step in boosting your career. This article, while strictly guiding the readers through Instagram, expresses the importance of engaging in some sort social media platform. Instagram, however, is the most popular and visited social media platform. When marketing yourself, you must engage on a platform that most of your fans engage on as well. With this in mind, you must also have a good understanding of the platform in which you are engaging on. Instagram is different, because the feed is not in chronological order, but based on what the app believes its viewers are interested in seeing. Therefore, musicians have to keep their fans engrossed in their posts. In today’s world, social media can be a strong marketing tool and is a smart way to capture the attention of a young fanbase.

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